How we helped Juniper Ridge grow their online revenue 75%

What Juniper Ridge does is amazing. They go out into the wilderness, collect plant trimmings (in a sustainable way) and then turn those plant trimmings into natural fragrance using old world distilling techniques. They spend their days hiking and camping all over California, Oregon, and Washington. Their fragrances are snapshots of their experiences out in the wilderness –they transport you to the wild. In a time when people are increasingly disconnected from the natural world, it’s no wonder that demand for their products is high.



When we first began working with Juniper Ridge they were growing fast, but they had run into some challenges designing an e-commerce experience that worked well for their customers, and accurately reflected their powerful brand and story. To address these challenges, Distill employed a mix of content strategy, design and technology, transforming Juniper Ridge’s website and building the basis of their digital marketing infrastructure. Over the course of a year, we migrated their store to Shopify, redesigned its look and feel and created a mobile friendly shopping experience. We moved their email newsletter to Mailchimp, and grew their list from a few hundred to a few thousand in a matter of months. To understand which of our tactics were working, and which weren’t, we used a variety of analytics tools including Google Analytics and RJ Metrics.



Working with founder Hall Newbegin and chief storyteller Obi Kauffman, we developed a content strategy focused on the magic of the fragrance making process, and the team’s experiences out on the trail. This came to life in the ’Harvest Stories’ section of


The results of these efforts have been dramatic. From 2013 to 2014 visits to more than doubled and revenue grew 75%. Check out their products and experience life on the trail at

In the year following our engagement, visits to more than doubled and revenue grew 75%



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